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  • I am trying to order the singing birds X 1 and am unable to order online. I am located in Australia. Do you ship to Australia.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards,

    Karen Geard

    • I know you have been trying to order Breezy Singers to no avail. We used to be able to get these birds but the manufacturer, Takara stopped selling them to US companies for some reason. We have located a potential source but they won’t respond to us. I will keep you posted because there is much demand for these and we will be getting them very soon, hopefully.

      We do ship outside of the continental US but there will be additional shipping charges that we will arrange with you when we have the product.


  • Trying to order electronic birds online

    • Unfortunately, we cannot get the Breezy Singers anymore because the manufacturer won’t sell them to anyone in the US. We will keep you posted and let you know when we have them.

  • PLEASE put me on your list of people who want to order from your selection of Takara birds. I have a robin but friends have asked me where to find them and I can’t get any info on your site. Just read your contact response to others and hope I will hear soon that you have prevailed with your supplier.

    • Thanks Barbara. We are going down to some potential suppliers of Breezy Singers and we will let you know as soon as we have them.

  • Put me down for one of each…
    I had all of them before from Design Within Reach
    and have had difficulty replacing them since. I hope
    you can find a source soon. Thanks.

  • Please send information regarding how to order birds.

  • Would you please let me know when (if) you get the breezy singers back? I am interested in the Goldfinch and the Cardinal.

    Thank You,


  • Use the Cardinal in my Sunday School Class. Legs are broke and would like to get another.
    Elizabeth Marsh

  • Enjoyed our bird for years. Placed it just outside our condo elevator in a small tree. It has broken and everyone misses it. let me know if you are able to secure them. Thanks, Don B.

  • any luck in obtaining the breezy birds..are there instructions on maintenance beyond batteries for the birds?

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